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The Ag Researcher's Almanac

The Ag Researcher's Almanac

In terms of the U.S. gross domestic product, the agriculture industry is not “small potatoes”. In fact, in 2021, it contributed about $1.264 trillion or 5.4% to our total GDP and that total is only expected to grow. This contribution could also be even higher when you consider that many other industries, such as food products, apparel, restaurants, and more, rely on the output of the agriculture industry.

This major industry encompasses all small businesses and larger enterprises involved in cultivating plants and animals for food, fibers, and fuel. As a researcher in this space, it’s essential to know more about the specific business categories and the particular jargon to help you connect with this audience more naturally. So if you’re a researcher new to the agriculture industry or an experienced researcher looking for a glossary of important agriculture industry terms to keep handy, download a free copy today!

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • General Ag Business Categories & Subcategories
  • General Ag Terminology
  • Animal Terminology (General, Cattle, Poultry & Swine)
  • Crop Definitions & Categories
  • Types of Agtech & Equipment

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